Hydrate in style with our premium bike water bottles. We use the 500ml Tacx Shiva not only because the world tour pros use them but because they're BPA-free, bacteria-free, and built to last.
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Our best-selling bike Frame Bag lets you carry more without sacrificing ride comfort. There's a reason why our bicycle frame bag has 5 stars: extremely lightweight, water-resistant, retroreflective, and built to last.
Free up your pockets and easily stash your phone, snacks, wallet, camera, and other small accessories with our water resilient bike handlebar bag. Perfect for small loads and extended weekend adventures.
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Our premium cycling ride wallet keeps any phone size and your essentials organized on every ride. Use our bike wallet to store your flat repair kit, spare tire, lever, patches, CO2, and multi-tool and tuck it neatly in your jersey pocket.
Extend the life of components or replace lost parts with our replacement parts kit.
Each kit co...